Apprenticeship programs are a rewarding way to learn skills and gain academic education, all while earning a good wage.

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Registered Apprenticeship is a training system that produces highly-skilled workers to meet the demands of employers competing in a global economy. These programs ensure quality education by combining on-the-job training with theoretical and practical classroom instruction to prepare workers for America’s industries. Program sponsors pay most of the training costs while simultaneously increasing the wages of the apprentices as their skill level increases.

Registered apprenticeship training programs last between one to six years; during which time the apprentice is employed full-time with the sponsor company, earning a competitive wage with incremental increases. Participants completing an apprenticeship program may earn a college career studies certificate or an associate degree from Tidewater Community College, in addition to a nationally-recognized journeyworker’s license in their occupation.

Registered Apprenticeship programs can be found in a variety of different industries and occupations, including: Construction, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Information Technology/ Networking, Service and Retail, Health Care, the Military, Public Utilities, Geospatial Technologies, Shipbuilding/Ship Repair, Engineering, Automotive, Paralegal, business, Modeling and /simulation and Drafting/Design.

Benefits for Apprentices Include: 

  • Jobs that usually pay higher wages
  • Higher quality of life and skills versatility
  • Portable credentials recognized nationally and often globally
  • Opportunity for college credit and future degrees

Are you looking to make yourself a more attractive candidate when applying for an apprenticeship position?
Consider increasing your skills and knowledge through one of the many programs offered at Tidewater Community College! TCC offers courses in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Maritime Technologies, Marine Electrical, Maritime Welding, Marine Mechanical, and many other technical fields.  

For more information on how to become a registered apprentice, please contact these sponsor companies who currently have registered apprenticeship programs:

(757) 494-4292
Four-year ship repair program leading to a Master Journeryworker’s License, within the following professions: Sheet Metal Worker, Carpenter, Dock Master, Electrician, Inside Machinist, Outside Machinist, Pipefitter, Rigger, Shipfitter, and Welder.

This four-year program offers a registered apprenticeship in Advanced Manufacturing Programs: Polymold Tech, Mechanic, and QA tech.

Newport News Shipbuilding/HII
(757) 534-4349
Apprentices begin their careers in one of 19 waterfront trades and complete foundational coursework taught by highly qualified Apprentice School faculty in the first year. Apprentices then become eligible for optional academic and occupational programs based on their performance in the first year. These programs include Advanced Shipyard Operations, Marine Design, Production Planning, Modeling and Simulation Analyst, Nuclear Test Technician and Cost Estimation. Criteria for selection includes: academic grades, craft performance, attendance, personal interest, and aptitude for the work.

Norfolk Naval Shipyard
(757) 396-4777
Four-year ship repair program in occupational fields such as: Welder, Pipefitter, Electrician, Machinist, Rigger, Fabric Worker, Metals Inspectors, and Shipfitter.

Oceaneering International, Inc.
(757) 545-2200
The Oceaneering International, Inc.  Apprentice Program is a four year program which will utilize on-the-job trades training and academic related instruction to graduate journeyman level craftsmen (Journeyworker's license and maritime trade certification) in the following trades: Electrician, Inside Machinist, Outside Machinist, Pipefitter, Shipfitter and Welder. 

American Maritime Holdings
(757) 961-9311
AMH is a 4 year, Maritime Ship Building and Repair Industry Apprenticeship program leading to journeymen level of certification in the following trades: Shipfitting, Pipefitting, Marine Electrician, Machinist, Welder, Rigger, Painter and Sheetmetalist. This includes OJT, mentorship and possibilities for advanced academic training.

Colonna’s Shipyard Inc. 
(757) 545-2414
Four-year ship repair program leading to a Journeyworker’s License and Maritime Technologies certification within the following trades: Inside and Outside Machinist, Welder, Shipfitter, Pipefitter, Electrician, Rigger, Carpenter, and Painter.

Thermo-Trol Systems, Inc.
(757) 428-4030
Four-year program to become an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) Journeyworker Mechanic with DDC (Direct Digital Controls).

Colonial Webb Contractors
(804) 916-1400
Four-year program to become an HVAC (Heating,Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) Journeyworker Mechanic.

(757) 226-1274 
Four-year program in ship repair, modification, and ship design leading to journeyworker’s license and maritime trade certification.

Collins Machine Works
(757) 399-7777
Four-year program as machinists and welders using computer numerically controlled machinery leading to journeyworker’s license and maritime trade certification.

(757) 445-4485
Naval Facilities Engineering Command
Four-year Program to journeyworker level within the following trades: Electrician, High Voltage Electrician, Sheet Metal Mechanic, Plumber, Pipefitter, Air Conditioning Equipment Mechanic, Heavy Mobile Equipment Mechanic, and Automotive Mechanic.

Auxiliary Systems
(757) 623-5674
Four-year program to journeyworker level within the marine electrical and marine mechanical trades.

For more information, contact us:

TCC Apprenticeship Office
Ronald Garisson
(757) 822-7727
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Barbara Murray
Apprenticeship Director
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