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In a world full of ambiguity and buzz words, one is posed with the question of how to climb their professional ladder.   There is tool out there that is often overlooked and underappreciated.   What is this tool you ask?   The Center for Workforce Solutions!   To define what workforce development really is, first let’s look at the two separate parts as they stand on their own.  First you have workforce, which is defined as the total number of persons that are employed or employable.   Secondly, there is the development piece, and in this instance it is the act or process of growth.  Both of these terms can be applied to a wide variety of ideas and in general are a vague way to describe workforce development. 
While the words do not do justice to the idea separately, together they represent a culture that all those who are considered workforce should have a place to cultivate new knowledge, build on existing skills, or even participate in the goal of life-long learning.  Many people lump all of workforce development as either continuing education or as professional development.  While these are parts of the whole, it does not provide the entire picture. 
TCC CWS takes this concept and builds programs around the needs of the workforce.   Whether it is a program to improve their present employment or to break into a new one, it can be done.  Check out how you want to expand your horizons at 


Written by: Shaina Yowell


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