It's no secret that most Americans don't look forward to their annual or semi-annual performance reviews at work. While evaluations might be important to employers because they help measure employee success and provide benchmarks for compensation, doing them the wrong way can cause serious stress for everyone from management to recent hires. Honestly evaluating your current employee review process and making changes to that process is the best way to ensure the success of your evaluations and make them truly valuable to employees. 

 Are Your Employee Evaluations Successful?

The first step in overhauling your employee evaluation process is taking an honest look at how you handle evaluations right now. Sit down with managers or leaders responsible for evaluations and talk with them about how they gauge employee performance. Take a look at any forms that you use to record evaluations or grade performance. 

Many business leaders use employee performance reviews in helping them determine if employees will receive raises. However, many HR industry professionals believe that doing so can create strong negative feelings among employees where compensation is concerned. Consider scheduling talks about pay increases for a different time unless you plan to give all employees across your organization who perform at a specific level an equal pay raise. This helps eliminate jealousy and dissatisfaction between different departments within your company.

 Setting the Stage for Easier Evaluations

Once you've taken a look at your current employee evaluation program, you can begin making positive changes to your performance reviews. Remember that reviews are designed to provide your employees with information that will be helpful to them in their professional careers. As such, it's essential that you be specific when providing feedback to your employees.

If you need to point out performance issues to an employee, make sure that you clearly state your company’s expectation and how the employee's actual performance falls short. You should also think ahead of ways to minimize hurt feelings. For example, you might help an employee who is struggling with basic accounting tasks find business classes to increase their knowledge. Remember to point out the central performance issue. Don't knit pick the small details.

Of course, it's also important that you make an effort to praise all employees during their reviews. Think about one or two things that each employee does extremely well and point this out during the evaluation. If you can't think of something that a given employee does well, it's likely that individual is not a good fit for your business.

Business leaders throughout Virginia dread employee performance reviews. At TCC's Center for Workforce Solutions, we're here to provide you with comprehensive workforce development assistance. Call us today to learn how we can help you improve employee reviews.


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