Today's economy offers an unparalleled menu of opportunities for ambitious businesses. At the same time, rapidly changing technology and evolving business management practices continually upset the "old ways" of doing things. Often, the changes that business owners need to make to stay competitive affect seasoned workers more than their younger peers. A focused, clearly explained program of workforce training can alleviate these difficulties and create a stronger, happier team.

 Customized Training Solutions Build Morale While Addressing Your Needs

At Tidewater Community College, we offer workplace training solutions for virtually every business need. At the same time, we can't anticipate every demand that our hardworking clients and students bring to us. While we always keep our ear to the ground in an effort to identify new trends and technologies, the business owners of southeastern Virginia are even closer to the developments in their respective fields. That's why we offer customized training solutions for businesses of all sizes and types. After you've pored over your business plan and spoken with your employees about their training needs, contact us about setting up a customized workforce training plan.

 Technology That Smooths Over Differences

These days, technology drives many of the most disruptive workplace changes. Since older workers didn't grow up with many of the technologies that have become commonplace in the modern economy, it's critical to give your experienced team members a leg up. In addition to signing them up for convenient, flexible technology training courses, partner them with younger members of your workforce to reinforce what they learn.

 Reciprocal Education

Of course, seasoned employees have plenty to offer as well. Young workers who might be overconfident about their technological savvy can learn valuable lessons about time management and workplace communication. After you've enrolled them in a customized training course or business management initiative, have your older workers spend structured time with their younger counterparts .

 Demonstrate the Need for Change

In the end, the best way to "show" is to "do." As the leader of your workplace, you shouldn't feel like you're above the sort of workplace training initiatives in which you enroll your employees. By attending skills-building courses with your subordinates, you'll clearly demonstrate the need to invest in your company's future.

 Contact Virginia's Workforce Development Experts

No matter how you choose to reduce the tension between your key veterans and promising young stars, a strong business management plan is key. It's also critical to understand the full breadth of workforce development resources at your disposal. At Tidewater Community College, we take pride in helping southeastern Virginia's businesses position themselves to compete in a rapidly changing economy. Learn more about what we do by visiting us online or calling (757) 822-1234.



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