Just about everyone winds up in a job they hate at some point. When you find yourself there, don't waste time resenting it. Instead, try these tips for beating the things that bug you and how to make every day a great one.

Know the Work

If you have no real grasp of how your job fits into the big picture of the company you work for, it's hard to feel like you're making any kind of difference. Boost your sense of worth by taking time to understand how things work where you work. Seeing how important you are in the context of the company as a whole makes what you do every day more fulfilling. It also helps you to get into the rhythm of your job and establish a positive rapport with your boss and coworkers.

Know What You Do Well

Remember: everyone has something that they're awesome at. Maybe you're the best copywriter on the web design team. Whatever your strengths are, get familiar with them and show your co-workers and your boss what you can do. You'll blow them out of the water and potentially open up opportunities for future growth in your position. Plus, when you're doing something you're good at, it doesn't seem like work.

Work With a Diverse Group

If you're just starting out in your job and are finding it less than enjoyable, try to work with different people on every project you're assigned. This gives you a way to meet everyone around the office and provides opportunities to learn from others who have been with the company longer than you have. You'll pick up valuable tips that can make your job easier and more fun.

Be Happy

Simply deciding to be happy and acting on it with little things like saying hello to coworkers or bringing the person in the next cubicle coffee once and a while can change the whole atmosphere of the workplace. When you're happy, it spreads around to everyone else and makes the day easier for the whole team.

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