Easing Your Transition Back into the World of Work

When people say that they love to try new things, they're usually referring to a novel food item or exhilarating "adventure sport." When it comes to returning to the workplace after a lengthy layoff, most people are understandably skeptical—and nervous. While we can't cure the first-day jitters that you'll feel after switching careers and accepting a new position, we can help you prepare for the experience.

Complex and Tech-Oriented

If you've been out of the workforce for some time, you'll notice a few changes right off the bat. First, technology plays a much more important role in modern business practices than in the past. This demands workers with a strong base of technological knowledge as well as a willingness to learn new things. Continuing adult education programs that focus on technology are a must.

Leaner and More Productive

It's also important to note that the modern workplace is far leaner and more productive than previous iterations. This offers advantages and challenges for workers. On the plus side, a leaner workplace is easier to navigate and understand. On the other hand, managers and business owners need to do more with less in a competitive economy. As such, workers may find themselves with more aggressive workloads and bigger bundles of expectations.

Less Security, More Opportunity

In the middle of the 20th century, it was quite common for workers to spend their whole lives within a single organization. Today, this is rarely the case. In some industries, workers may spend their entire careers bouncing from employer to employer. Employment terms of five years or fewer represent the "new normal." At the same time, the modern workplace tends to reward talent more efficiently. This creates more opportunity for ambitious, competent workers.

Politics and Communication

Lastly, the modern workplace is more complex than the offices of yore. New laws that protect workers from discrimination and unfair practices have created new expectations for returning employees. While it may take some time for seasoned employees to adjust to the new human resources environment, most observers agree that the "new" workplace is fairer, more equitable and more productive than ever.

Tidewater Community College: Your Virginia Workforce Solutions Resource

Knowing that you have to prepare yourself for a radically changed workplace is one thing, but actually taking the plunge is quite another. If you're intimidated by the prospect of changing careers or returning to work after years off, you're not alone. To ensure that you give yourself every chance to succeed in your new endeavor, visit our Suffolk location or call (757) 822-1234 for more information about continuing adult education in southeastern Virginia. 


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