How to truly lead your workers—and industry—by example

These days, gaining an edge over your competitors requires more than keen marketing and financial wizardry. Over the long haul, companies that uphold the values and mission objectives upon which they were founded tend to attract and retain customers with more success than competitors that don't accurately reflect the values set forth in their corporate literature. Career training can be a powerful tool for forward-looking business leaders.

1. Use WorkKeys Assessments to Your Benefit

At Tidewater Community College's Center for Workforce Solutions, we offer a range of ACT WorkKeys Assessments to help you evaluate your workers and position them to produce for your company. These evaluations don't just teach valuable, practical workplace skills. They can also assess your workers' ability to interact with other members of a team or read contextual clues in high-pressure situations. In turn, this information can help you advance team members who promote your organization's core values.


2. Hone Your Project Management Skills

Our project management course series teaches valuable time management and organizational skills that are essential to the smooth functioning and performance of project-based teams within a larger corporate structure. Since maximizing the potential of your company's teams is critical to its competitiveness, it's hard to argue that project management doesn't fit into a training protocol that upholds your corporate values.


3. Don't Neglect Customer/Client Service

Even B2B companies need to devote special attention to client service and retention. Our customer service classes teach your employees how to interact with clients and customers in a wide range of situations. It's much easier to uphold your corporate values when your employees go the extra mile.


4. Technology Courses Create a More Flexible Workforce

Chances are good that your company values flexibility and adaptability. If you want to practice what you preach in these areas, consider enrolling your employees in a technology or IT course that teaches a valuable and values-positive skill for a modern business landscape.


Virginia Career Training for a Dynamic 21st Century Economy

In a competitive, increasingly globalized economy, it's no longer enough to simply "talk the talk." As a business leader, you also have to "walk the walk" with regards to your company's core values. This requires more than a cleverly worded mission statement. If you're in the market for forward-looking career training services that can position your workers to compete in the new economy while upholding your company's commitment to the world around it, give us a call at (757) 822-1234.



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