Turn this high-stress evaluation to your advantage

Among American workers, few phrases conjure more dread than "performance review." This ubiquitous evaluation has been the butt of jokes—and the inspiration of much panic—for years, and the next generation of human resources professionals places even more emphasis on such "personal" assessments of workers' efficacy. Before your next performance review, take a moment to learn more about how it's likely to work and what you can do to prepare.


 Clearly Define Your Role

Although it seems like common sense, many companies fail to provide comprehensive definitions for their employees' roles. In some cases, managers simply use the job descriptions created for posted positions to evaluate employees. This can cause confusion about the extent of a given employee's role and may turn into a source of conflict between managers and subordinates. 

Over time, such misunderstandings can result in employees being passed over for promotions or even terminated under acrimonious circumstances. At your next performance review, have a clear-eyed conversation about the extent of your role and put the results in writing.


 Draw Up a List of Goals for the Coming Year

If you don't have well-defined, reasonable goals for an evaluation period, it's hard for your manager to figure out how you're doing. At your next performance review, work with your boss to arrive at a handful of clear goals that are relevant to your duties and can be reached within the constraints of your current job description. 


 Carefully Document Your Accomplishments

Employees often choose to sever ties with their employers after deciding that their contributions aren't valued by their superiors. Unfortunately, this impression is often the result of an honest misunderstanding. By documenting your accomplishments and presenting them during your performance review, you can clearly demonstrate how you're contributing to your company's success.


 Invest in Training and Continuing Education

It never hurts to give yourself an advantage over the competition. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by enrolling in a training course, certificate program or continuing education class that provides you with a new competency or augments existing skills. At your performance review, your manager will be pleased that you took the initiative.


 Put Your Trust in a Proven Virginia Workforce Development Authority

No matter what career you've chosen or what stage of life you're currently passing through, performance reviews have a peculiar way of focusing attention on your strengths and shortcomings. Whether you wait for the results of your review to come in or choose to prepare ahead of time for potential curveballs, we offer a wide range of classes and programs that can help you put your best foot forward. Visit our conveniently located campus or call (757) 822-1234 to learn more about what we can do for you.



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