How a simple assessment can simplify your job search

In a perfect alternate universe, finding your dream job is as simple as calling up the employer of your choice and asking when you can start. Of course, things don't work like this in the real world. Fortunately, today's workers have access to an impressive lineup of job profiling tools that can help make sense of their skills and capabilities. ACT's WorkKeys Assessments are among the most popular such tools for folks who need job training help.

How WorkKeys Works

WorkKeys has been around since the late 1980s, but ACT has aggressively expanded the program over the past several years. There are three primary WorkKeys Assessments:

      • Locating Information
      • Reading for Information
      • Applied Mathematics

Each of these is designed to evaluate specific skills and competencies that translate to success in the workplace. In addition, a clutch of "foundational" and "soft skills" assessments give workers insight into other aspects of their job profiles. These include:

      • Teamwork
      • Workplace Observation
      • Business Writing
      • Listening for Understanding
      • Applied Technology
      • Fit
      • Performance
      • Talent

Specialized Assessments for Special Workers

WorkKeys doesn't stop there. ACT also offers specialized assessments for workers—and employers—who want an even fuller picture of the skills at their disposal. These include:

      • ACT WorkKeys Readiness Indicator, a predictor of test-takers' results on all three primary assessments
      • ACT WorkKeys for Healthcare, a specialized assessment for healthcare professionals
      • ACT WorkKeys Extended Assessments that mirror the primary assessments but contain additional questions and assessment materials

How Can You Find a Job With WorkKeys?

Completing a WorkKeys assessment is a big accomplishment, but can these tests really tell you which jobs you'll be suited for? While you should never define yourself by the score you receive on a single test, you can use your results to inform your job search. For instance, high scores on the Teamwork and Locating Information exams might suggest that you'd do well as the leader of a dynamic project team. Good scores on the Listening for Understanding test might indicate a facility for working with clients or patients.

Taking the Next Steps: Workforce Development Solutions for Virginia, by Virginians

For millions of aspiring professionals, WorkKeys is an important step on the road to a satisfying career. However, it's just one step. At Tidewater Community College's Center for Workforce Solutions, we're committed to providing a full suite of job training and continuing education services to folks from all walks of life. For more information about all of our programs, visit our conveniently located campus, drop by our website or call (757) 822-1234.



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