The world seems to be changing faster than ever. No matter how long or successful your career has been, you need to sharpen your existing skills and learn new ones to remain competitive with a younger,  globalized workforce. Whether you’re trying to advance your current career, change career paths or are returning to the workforce after some time off, you can use these tips to help you get started, then give us a call to learn more about building a brighter future. 

 Strengthen Your Resume

For many workers, a new career begins with a polished resume. Before you actively begin seeking employment in a new field, update your resume to reflect all the skills that you've accumulated over the years. Since employers prefer to hire new employees who require minimal training and education, pay special attention to licenses and certifications that you've earned through training programs at TCC.


 Keep Up With What You're Good At

Even if you're radically changing your career focus, don't simply wave goodbye to the skills that you've accumulated thus far. Look for practical, broad-based workforce development programs and certifications that can equip you for jobs in a wide range of fields. For instance, take a social media or project management seminar through our business and management department or look to a tech-focused certification program like certified ethical hacker or Comp TIA.


 Stay Current on Technological Trends

At this point, technology plays a key role in virtually every industry and business process. While you don't have to be a programming whiz or hardware specialist to get ahead in today's economy, it's a great help to have a basic familiarity with simple programming languages and common software applications. Fortunately, we have a robust IT department that offers a wide range of entry-level certifications for Microsoft applications as well as classes on more advanced business systems like Cisco CCNA.


 Earn a New Certification or License 

These days, employers want to hire employees who can demonstrate key qualifications. For instance, without certain US Coast Guard approved maritime certifications, it's nearly impossible to find work as a boat captain or charter operator. Likewise, healthcare workers who lack certifications or endorsements have trouble advancing beyond entry-level positions for which on-the-job training is sufficient. 


Virginia Workforce Training Programs That Actually Work

These are just a few of the ways in which you can make up for lost time and sharpen the skills that you need for a promising new career. No matter what you've done with your working years or where you wish to spend the remainder of your career, Tidewater Community College's Center for Workforce Solutions has you covered. For more ideas on how to sharpen your skills and prepare for the future, give us a call at (757) 822-1234 or visit our website.


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