As the global economy becomes ever more competitive, it's important for businesses in Hampton Roads and Virginia to stay one step ahead of the curve. While cutting costs and ironing out inefficiencies are helpful steps in this process, truly dynamic businesses can't succeed without making significant investments in their workforces. At Tidewater Community College, we're proud to offer a range of workforce training programs for businesses across many industries.

Computer and Technology Courses for a Rapidly Changing Workplace

Just because you’re not running an tech startup company doesn’t mean you don’t need IT-savvy employees. Just about any company that operates a website, point-of-sale system or networking system needs in-house IT professionals—or savvy employees who can troubleshoot technology issues—to handle these complex systems. Depending on what your workforce requires, our courses can certify your employees in HTML, webmaster protocols, Comp TIA, Cisco CCNA and other critical applications. 
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Practices That Keep Nonprofits Ahead of the Curve

The TCC Center for Workforce Solutions is committed to helping nonprofits navigate an increasingly complex regulatory environment. With the backing of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation, we offer one-to-two-day classes that convey budgeting, grant writing, management and business development skills. Since the nonprofit world never pauses for breath, we also offer online classes that provide the flexibility and convenience that your employees demand. Over the past decade, we've helped more than 500 nonprofits succeed with the right training.
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Management Training and Business Licenses for Future Rock Stars

Management theory is constantly evolving, and new managerial candidates need to learn the ropes quickly and efficiently. TCC's Center for Workforce Solutions offers a range of business and management classes that focus on sectors like government contracting, hospitality, real estate and retail as well as broadly applicable skills like project management and social media. Regardless of your company's needs, our classes equip your workers with skills that they can use on any project.
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Comprehensive Healthcare Coursework

The healthcare industry is always changing – and quickly! But TCC is keeping pace. Our health and wellness courses focus on critical skills like Medical Billing and Coding, Electronic Healthcare Records, Health IT, EMT training and general fitness applications. Since healthcare professionals often follow irregular hours, we feature a suite of online courses that can be taken at your employees' convenience.
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Choosing the Workforce Development Program That's Right for Your Workers

In the end, you're the one who decides how to allocate your company's resources. No matter which workforce training programs you choose for your workers, the dedicated faculty and staff members at Tidewater Community College are here to help. If you're looking for more guidance on which programs will best set up your employees for success, visit us online or call (757) 822-1234 at your convenience.

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