The use of sound has always been an essential part of our daily activities.  We hear sounds on our alarms when we wake up in the morning, on the radio during our morning drive to work, in our iPods during a workout, in reaction to buttons touched on our tablets, or during a Flappy Bird binge.  Sounds are dings that start when your not wearing your seatbelt, when you leave your door to your care open with the keys in the ignition, or when you enter your home when the alarm is set.  Sound is used to entertain us in commercials, films, and television shows, or used to signal actions or changes in difficulty within a video game.  

In short, sound is everywhere. 

While sound use to some may be a time consuming, end of the project (and budget) exercise in creative spending (rather than, creative sound design), two of the outstanding benefit of this medium is its ability to give a unique identity to your brand, and provides the ability to garner feedback on what people feel about your brand.  Sound makes your brand authentic and kinetic.  Feedback is gained from engaging the proper channel for your idea.  In addition to this, it gives your brand all the necessary ingredients to communicate your message effectively. 

Vinylmint was created with the intention to help reinvigorate someone who is becoming lazy or about to give up on the use of sound as a tool for brand engagement.  We just want to remind you to keep up the flame of finding ways to give your brand a voice.

So here are 5 reasons why you must consider sound as an essential part of your content strategy:

It will help your audience recognize that you are speaking to their pain: When you create an active medium to monitor what people are saying about you, you will be able to better filter major issues from the recurrent associations people associate your brand with.  Your sounds will be reinterpreted and incorporated in the DNA of their audio creations.  With this you can now re-craft and project right opinions by controlling the sound of your audience.  Think of it like introducing a new recording artist’s hit single to an audience of new fans who have never heard the music before. 

It will help your audience identify with you as the solution: Your public image is important to helping your audience recognize that you have the answer to their problems.  The use of sound and video content grant you better perspective of what your brand target thinks about you.

Your messages become memorable:  Sometimes we think we have the right solution based on our own understanding of issues at hand.  But many of these ‘solutions’ can be tested in multiple formats (e.g. dialects, sound id’s, or songs).

Intelligence gathering:  Intelligence is a great weapon in a brands route to success.  A sounds value appreciates over time, enabling a brand to gather ongoing intelligence about a brands influence on an audience or the psychology of the customer. Sounds not only carry messages, but they carry emotion, and motive which can be used to inspire a specific action from a listener.  Now that global platforms are opening up for brands, marketers can now leverage a worldwide audience of listeners.  You organize the audience around your sounds now take control of the facts you need to make informed decisions.

Free data and research:  In addition to the above, when people are entertained or annoyed, they remember the emotion obtained by that announcement.  They forever associate that feeling with that brand experience.  This is powerful; rather the experience is positive or negative.  The listeners then give impulsive, honest feedback, which in turn becomes free data for you. 

People are using Vinylmint as an active marketplace for sound design.  There are many other sources like Pond 5, VideoBlocks, and Getty Images Music, however, it is up to the marketer to develop the story.  The sound is the kinetic experience that allows you to connect with your audience intimately and objectively. 

Written by Byron MorganByron founded Vinylmint to change the way game developers, ad agencies and music publishers connect with sound designers around the world to uncover the billions of amazing sounds that are currently not indexed or available online for commercial use.  He is also a Professor of Entrepreneurship and Marketing at Tidewater Community College and for the City University of New York. 



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