Changing careers? Looking to advance? Affordable and convenient, TCC can prepare you for tomorrow’s jobs.

You will find lots of career possibilities at Tidewater Community College. Our new publication, CareerFocus, tells the stories of many students and alumni who found their life’s work by getting an associate degree or career studies certificate, or by taking classes through Workforce Development.

One of those stories is that of Maria Tricia Phelps, who works on the IT help desk for the City of Chesapeake. She took three computer certification courses through TCC Workforce Development. “The courses jump-started my career, and the hands-on laboratory boosted my confidence because I could take what I was learning and apply it right away,” she said.

 You can read CareerFocus online now. 

 Remember: You don’t have to commit to four years of college to advance in a career and improve your income.


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