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The Virginia Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) and the National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC)are portable credentials that certify workplace employability skills and the potential for education/training. Individuals may earn the CRC by taking the three Core WorkKeys assessments:

    • Applied Mathematics
    • Locating Information
    • Reading for Information

These assessments measure “real world” skills that employers believe are critical to job success and questions are based on everyday situations found in the work environment.   

Individuals who earn a CRC will be awarded a Bronze, Silver and Gold level based upon their scores.  The Bronze, Silver, and Gold CRC levels correspond to job listings on O*NET (Occupational Information Network).

In addition to being an excellent resume builder, the CRC is linked to employment opportunities Hampton Roads, Virginia, and across the United States.  For a list of employers who recognize the CRC in Hampton Roads and Virginia, visit the Virginia CRC website.

Benefits for job-seekers:

    • The CRC is a nationally recognized work skills credential that can be used to help build your resume
    • It can help you determine what careers you are best suited for, and help you determine additional training where needed
    • The CRC can show employers that you are particularly suited for certain skills or jobs, and it is linked to employment opportunities.

Benefits for employers:

    • Connect with certified work ready career seekers.
    • Determine which person is best suited for each task based on occupational profiles and CRC attainment levels.
    • Increase your bottom line by hiring the right employee based on skill set and readiness

Employers please take the CRC Survey and let us know your familiarity with the credential and your interest in using it as a hiring tool.   

TCC partners with employers, community organizations, and local school systems to offer access to the CRC and WorkKeys Solutions.  Individuals may take the CRC for $45.  Partner organizations and current TCC students may take the CRC/WorkKeys assessments for a discounted rate. 

Watch the PBS video which demonstrates a partnership with employers and a school systems to prepare students for work to meet the employers workforce needs using the Career Readiness Certificate. 

For more information about the CRC/WorkKeys or to schedule taking the CRC/WorkKeys assessment, please contact:

Johnna Coleman-Yates,

Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management and Administrative Services

Call: (757)822-1505

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

*The Virginia and National CRC scoring credentials are exactly the identical, and qualification for one is synonymous with the other. An individual with a Virginia CRC can take that credential and use it in any state in the nation that recognizes the National CRC. Likewise, an employer in Virginia should recognize a National CRC as identical to Virginia’s CRC